Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Decorating for Christmas

I am so freaking excited about Christmas.

Reasons why:

1.                  I just love Christmas in general – it’s my favourite time of year.

2.                  We get to celebrate in our new home this year (YAY!)

3.                  It’s summer, which is my favourite season, and I love nothing better than entertaining and being with my best friends and family relaxing and celebrating the year that was.

4.                  Christmas means that New Years is just around the corner, which means even more celebrating!

Although, I must say I am starting to get a tad stressed out about shopping for gifts. I really don’t like the Christmas rush and the bedlam that is every single shopping centre from about now until the end of the Christmas sales in January…

I like the idea of Secret Santa – you only have to buy one gift if you do it with your family, and you can do it with your friends too. It takes the stress off having to buy dozens of pressies for people and breaking the bank so to speak.

One thing I will be hitting the shops for however, is Christmas decorations for the new abode. I love decking out the house in festive ornaments and will dedicate this post to yuletide inspiration for the home.  

Love the pink and green - cute!

We have always had stockings hung over my parent's fireplace - doesn't feel like Christmas without them!

Turquoise and greys are a surprisingly good Christmas colour theme

I can't wait to start decorating - I am not sure what colours we are going to go with yet, but I am excited to start making our home feel Christmasy!