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Ashleigh Veivers is a 20-something journalist who has a passion for communicating with her peers and wider community. She is born and bred on the Gold Coast and is married with a daughter and lives with her family in the Gold Coast hinterland.

This is Ashleigh's eighth year in the media industry having spent most of it servicing clientele across Australia as a public relations and marketing consultant. She started off her career as a journalist fresh out of University where she wrote for several newspapers, liftouts and magazines covering a range of exciting topics.  

The view from here is Ashleigh's first blog and she is keen to share her personal experiences with the world - it's about one thing and one thing only - life (from Ashleigh's point of view). She'll feature a range of things on The view from here including interviews, reviews, recipes, tips and general day-to-day tales.

Join Ashleigh on her blogging journey of discovey as she tackles the highs and lows of life, and everything in between.

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