Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter happiness

Chocolate eggs play a very small role in my Easter... gone are the days of stuffing my face with chocolate eggs!

I just wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy Easter!

It's our first Easter as a 'family' and I am happy to say that we are doing absoutely nothing! I think when Grace is a bit bigger we will go away for Easter family trips, but for the time being, we are just going to chill out with our families and bum around the house. Poor Ben has been working like a dog so he will be hoping to catch up on sleep and spend some quality time with Gracie as most of the time she is asleep by the time he gets home at night : (

Tomorrow it's off to church in the afternoon - Easter means a lot to me and what it represents so church is high on my (small) list of things to do this long-weekend. It gives me time to reflect on my blessings and be thankful for the life that I am so lucky to have.

Easter with my family while I was growing up was always spent boating - running around with my brother on the sand, driving around in the 'rubber ducky' and swimming and kayaking until we were sunburnt and buggered... good times! We always wondered how the Easter Bunny could get to us on our boat, but he always, always managed to find us! These are my most favourite memories.

So here's to some beautiful weather, time with family and chilled champagne and seafood! Take a minute to reflect on how good you have it and be thankful for the wonderful people you have in your life.

Happy Easter xo